A time-bound liquid staking protocol designed to secure fixed-rate APY + more

Legato innovates in liquid staking with a time-bound approach. It leverages both liquid staking and financial derivatives through futures contracts.

This unique combination enables staking strategies to be more active compared to traditional ones. On supported networks, Legato simplifies liquid staking, making it effortless and predictable.


  • Single-token model for simplicity and streamlining

  • Lock in staked asset APY at a fixed rate

  • Opens up longing and shorting while staking


We started from Sui's Move Hackathon in Tokyo in 2023 and committed to supporting Move-based blockchains only for the time being.

As of now, Legato on Aptos is in the experimental phase on the Devnet. Further updates and developments are expected as the project progresses.

  • Sui - A layer-1 blockchain focuses on speed and security for DeFi applications, utilizing DAG and blockchain with the Move language and a native object-based model within a DPoS consensus mechanism.

  • Aptos - A layer-1 blockchain designed for secure and scalable applications, sharing the same origin as Sui from Facebook Diem. All dapps need to be built using the Move language and allow for high transaction throughput.

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