Legato Token (LEGATO)

Legato token is set to launch within 2024 and is not currently available on any platform at the moment. Follow our official channels for further updates.

LEGATO is a governance token that enables holders to participate in the decentralized governance of the Legato ecosystem. With the LEGATO token, holders have the ability to vote on key proposals and decisions for the future development and direction of the protocol.

LEGATO will serve as incentives distributed to encourage users to contribute and participate in the ecosystem by strategically staking LP and helping scale the community. LEGATO will also be used as a collateral asset for various purposes such as offsetting deficits and participating in leverage vaults.

The Distribution

The total supply of LEGATO is 888,000,000 tokens.

Team - 15%

  • 133,200,000 LEGATO is allocated to the core contributors and advisors.

Private - 15%

  • 133,200,000 LEGATO is allocated to Legato's investors in the private round.

Public - 3%

  • 26,640,000 LEGATO is allocated to Legato's public round during the TGE.

Future Round - 15%

  • 133,200,000 LEGATO is allocated to Legato's investors in the future rounds.

Bounties - 10%

  • 88,800,000 LEGATO is allocated to Hackathon prizes, community contributors and operations.

Liquidity Mining - 42%

  • 372,960,000 LEGATO is allocated to incentivize the usage of current and future products of Legato and to offset deficits in the vaults.

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